Hartford CT,  3/13/19

"Lencia Kebede and Lyndie Moe create all the right sparks as the touchy-feely lesbian couple Joanne and Maureen. They have plenty of earthy, sexually charged energy, power and charisma. Their big duet "Take Me or Leave Me" unfolds with enough sizzle and snap (kissing, ass-grabbing, breast-touching and simulated cunnilingus, to boot) to cause a power outage. "Over the Moon," Maureen's wonderfully wicked protest number is so unbelievably timed, both comically and vocally, it deserves a standing ovation in itself. And perhaps, an encore of sorts."

-James V. Ruocco

Salt Lake City, Utah 6/26/19

"If you’re in search of an engaging performer, look no further than Lyndie Moe as Maureen, who proved that she was born to stand out. From her delightfully weird vocals to her wacky outfits, Moe stood alone, but certainly didn’t “moo” alone. That’s right. She made us moo along, and wouldn’t stop until the entire theater was on board."

-Megan Bartholomew


Cincinnati Ohio 12/14/18

"Close up on Lyndie Moe (Maureen). This lady shows her star quality from the moment she enters with a single spotlight on her as she says, "Joanne, which way to the stage?". Moe has terrific physical comedy shown in "Over the Moon" where she is protesting Benny's plans of gentrification. Her chemistry with Lencia Kebede (Joanne) radiates in the famous "Take Me or Leave Me" as both women belt to the heavens and back."

Anne Simendinger

Atlanta Georgia 2/21/18

"Lyndie Moe, a 19-year-old Kansan in her first national role, shines as Maureen Johnson, a performance artist who leads the protests for those in the tent city facing eviction. It’s a showstopper of a song and the highlight of the night."

-Josh Jackson

Cleveland OH, 3/15/18

The standout of the show was Lyndie Moe (playing Maureen) from her first solo of “Over the Moon.”

-Not So New Review

Salt Lake City 6/27/19 


"Among the stellar cast is Lyndie Moe, who plays Maureen, an outspoken lesbian activist. Moe has an incredible set of pipes on her and a presence that peels away at your heart, and her apparent facility for comedy in “Over the Moon” is hysterical."

-Tony Hobday

Fort Worth TX 10/19/17

"The most memorable performance of the night, however, was Lyndie Moe as Maureen, whose booming vocal chops are only rivaled by her pee-your-pants-funny performance of "Over the Moon."

-Kyle Christopher West

Tampa Bay Times 9/21/17

"Major kudos go to Lyndie Moe, who shows wonderful comic chops as Maureen Johnson, and whose big voice combines with that of Jasmine Easler, who plays Maureen's partner Joanne in the show's most powerful duet, Take Me or Leave Me. "

-Andrew Meacham

Oklahoma City, OK 11/10/17

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.29.13 PM.png

"Maureen. When she first appeared late in the first act, she did so much more majestically than I remember Menzel’s Maureen. And when Lyndie Moe performed “Over the Moon,” she did so with a ton more physicality than I remembered from Menzel. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it kind of made me think of how Chris Farley would have done “Over the Moon.” What’s even more amazing is that Moe is only a freshman in college, studying at Rider University in New Jersey.

I didn’t like her Maureen…until I did. Moe was terrific, and I realized this about midway through the second act, after her “Take Me Or Leave Me” performance with Joanne, played aptly by Jasmine Easler. I don’t mind sounding like a fool here, but Moe was better to me than what Menzel was in New York City..."

-Ryan Welton

Denver CO 11/15/17

"While Idina Menzel’s pipes were a signature of the original production, their absence here takes nothing away from the whole. In fact, Lyndie Moe as self-absorbed performance artist Maureen gives her own lusty twist to the “Over the Moon” number."

-Joanne Ostrow

Indianapolis IN 6/13/18

Standing out for strong performances were Farine as frustrated rock musician Roger in “One Song Glory,” King as charismatic Angel in “Today 4 U,” and Moe as ballsy Maureen in a spectacular rendition of “Over The Moon.”

-Tom Alvarez


Hartford CT 3/13/19

"Rent’s score is more than “Seasons of Love”…”Take Me or Leave Me” and “Over The Moon” are powerful." "...Like the Broadway show, this ensemble, all first rate, are unknowns, but there are some superb performances, especially Javon King as Angel, Lencia Kebide as Joanne, and Lyndie Moe as Maureen."

-Mark G. Auerbach

San Jose 1/26/18


Lincoln NE  3/2/19

"Powerhouses Lencia Kebede (Joanne Jefferson) and Lyndie Moe (Maureen) electrify with "Take Me or Leave Me."... "Moe couldn't be more entertaining in her "Over the Moon" number with her crazy antics, sexy moves (moooves), and stellar vocals. The audience mooing in unison with Moe invited us further into their lives. "

-Christine Swerczek

Philadelphia PA, 3/6/19

"The Philly audience almost beat Maureen (a magnetic Lyndie Moe) to her own moos, and sniffled copiously when Angel (an acrobatic Javon King) died. The powerhouse vocal ensemble got a standing ovation from the opening-night crowd."

-Alaina Johns